Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Evil call to Character.getNumericValue(char)

In the Eclipse compiler, to detect a valid unicode, we call the method:
Character.getNumericValue(char) and we check that the returned value is between 0 and 15 to validate that only character between 0..F are allowed (see the JLS)
This was a mistake. Some characters can have a numeric value between 0 and 15 and they would not belong to the character between 0..F (including lowercase letters).
This bug report which shows why this was wrong was opened this week.

Here is a screenshot that shows the bogus code:

The fix is trivial, but it is surprising that this has never been found before. 10 years with that bug!

Enough for today.... back to work!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kudos to Compuware!

Today I wanted to say "Thank you" to Compuware for organizing a very nice demo camp last night in Montréal. The demo camp lasted for more than 4 hours with a diverse and interesting set of demos. We heard about remote p2, shared install management, Eclipse at the Canadian Space Agency, new visualization of features dependencies, gdb debugging and tracing with CDT, Tycho, Vega demo and more....
I went there with Pascal from Sonatype and it was a really good event! Well organized, good beers, nice people! I am always puzzled to see how many people can show up in an Eclipse demo camp. The room was packed with around 50 people.

Kudos to Compuware! Hopefully this is not the last event in Montréal even if I cannot guarantee that I can come every time.